Be it medical instruments for dentists and surgeons, machine components used in the production cycles of the food-manufacturing industry or the wide range of components you can find in your car: the requirements placed on the surface properties of many materials are high. However, not all materials are able to meet these high demands from the very beginning.This is where surface coatings come into play. Invisible in the background to many a person, surface treatments make the functionality of components possible in the first place. Apart from significantly improving the components’ durability and service life, they also provide for more efficiency and increased profitability.

As is the case in the area of printing machines, for instance. Gaskets in doctor blade chambers are used to seal inking rollers towards the outside. If these gaskets are not properly coated, adhesions will occur. These will in turn result in cumbersome cleaning work and machine downtime, both of which cost time and money. With an appropriate coating, however, the gaskets cannot be used just once, but several times, which also increases the machines’ service life.

When it comes to the topic of sustainability, surface technology can accomplish extraordinary things.On behalf of a renowned supplier to the international automotive industry, Aalberts surface treatment applies coatings to innovative brake disks for premium cars.Not only does the applied coating system offer corrosion protection and elegant optics, but it is, above all, extremely resistant to wear.As a result, the formation of brake dust is reduced by 90%. Less brake dust means less particulate matter, which again constitutes a significant contribution to improving the environment.

Using different processes, Aalberts surface treatment refines more than one billion components each year-for all key industries. It is the coating that makes the difference, and we are really proud of that!